Magic is an expression of a world’s nature. Or perhaps it is a facet of the cosmos itself, incarnated in a particular wielder. Or it could be that it is all trickery and illusion, crafted to mislead the unwary. Whatever the case, all of the magics are potent forces in their particular world, and no less so here in the Forest of Doors.

Spell Schools[edit | edit source]

To learn, all schools of magic require a teacher or a Brilliant mind to witness a caster.

Annotations of the Great Index[edit | edit source]

Chants of Fang and Claw[edit | edit source]

Degrees of the Elements[edit | edit source]

Fruits of the Fallen[edit | edit source]

Hymns of Mother Night[edit | edit source]

The Naming of Things[edit | edit source]

Maladictions of the Waning Star[edit | edit source]

Mysteries of Flame and Iron[edit | edit source]

Runes of the Stormfather[edit | edit source]

Thirteen Harmonious Changes[edit | edit source]

Woodsong and Moonsecret[edit | edit source]

Dead Magic Schools[edit | edit source]

"Dead" Schools of Magic are considered unteachable. While their power is certainly unchanged, something has occurred to cut off life from the source, rendering the Magic unable to be passed on.

Dooms of Light and Shadow[edit | edit source]

Currents of Deepspirit[edit | edit source]

Greater Workings[edit | edit source]

Most Greater workings are learned through research or by a Teacher.

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