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This library is funded and maintained by the Lamplighters Guild, and is made possible by generous donations from the community. All information here is presented with the hopes of full disclosure, however, we understand that personal bias may still exist, especially in sensitive topics or works recovered from generations ago. Please use your utmost critical thinking skills when pursuing these halls.

This is the In-Play Library for the Forest of Doors. All information is written by Players and for Players, submitted in character.

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We understand your eagerness to submit information to this library, however, we must as that you follow a few simple rules when doing so.

1. All entries will be read and edited for clarity and grammar. Information will not be changed, however, we reserve the right to request a resubmission if the work is not acceptable or appropriate for submission.

2. Please remember that this is a library, and that all conversations should be held on the Message Tree.

3. All information contained in this library should be free of personal opinion. If an opinion or hypothesis would be required, please clearly state such as a header. For instance:

The average Slap Rat has finely groomed hair.

I (Cedrick Wintercrest) believe their grooming habits to be elaborate and related to a hierarchy.

4. As illustrated above, please attempt to keep all writing in third-person, however if a first person reference is necessary, please denote whom the speaker is.

5. Please sign all submissions with the proper name you would like displayed. We understand that the fluid nature of names in the Forest may cause this to eventually be outdated, but edits will be completed at our earliest convenience.

6. Please do not include information that is untrue, unfounded, or purposely deceitful. Doing so will result in a complete loss of submission privileges.

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